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Happy New Year!

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat – for he grants sleep to those he loves” (Psalm 127 1-2).

I know this is a day late, but it seems that most things start late in Africa and I guess I’m getting back into the flow of things. Actually, I have a pretty good excuse. After seeing the new year in at my sister’s with family and friends I got up at 4:00 a.m. and drove south to return the rental car we have been using. To return the car in Indianapolis instead of in Tampa, Florida where I picked it up would have cost an extra $1200, so I opted to drive the 1100 miles and then fly back to Indy to rejoin the family. I’m pretty stubborn and stingy with money so it seemed like a natural adventure for me. I made about 723 miles in twelve hours on Thursday, stopping in Cordele, Georgia for the night, and went on the rest of the way to Tampa yesterday.

I was supposed to make a quick flight back to Indy and be there by midnight, but things didn’t work out that way. I was told in Tampa that the planes were delayed in Minnesota because of ice and that there would be no more flights to Indy until 5:15 on Saturday. Finally, we managed to work out a flight to Atlanta, then on to Dayton, Ohio and still land around midnight. It was a rush connection, but they thought it would be okay. When I got to Atlanta and boarded the plane I found that it was nearly packed and that two of us had been given the same seat number. I graciously gave up my seat in coach and volunteered to ride the rest of the way in first class. What I nice guy I am. No good deed goes unpunished, however, for when I arrived in Dayton my bag didn’t. We didn’t home to Indiana until 3:00 a.m. and now the search is on to see if the bag is still in Atlanta, or is coming to Dayton, or perhaps even to Indianapolis. I guess this is life in the fast lane. Thank God for cell phones and free weekends.

This Sunday we will be bringing our ANU Scholarship Tour of 2008-2009 to a close. Besides the long flights, we put 4111 miles this month on the rental car. I’m glad the price included unlimited miles. I don’t have an exact report to give you at this point, but we are getting close to our goal of finding an average of 12 churches with 12 people who are willing to pledge $12 for 12 months. Hopefully, our final two services at Muncie, Indiana South Side and Anderson, Indiana Southdale Churches of the Nazarene will put us over the top.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to not only those who have made pledges for the year 2009, but also to all of those who have now completed their giving in our 2007-2008 campaign. When I get back to school I will get with our financial officer and give you an exact report of what came in last year. May God bless you richly! You are making the dreams of many young people come true.

It seems like these old bodies of ours get a need of repair by the time we come home each year. I’ve had to restart my blood pressure medicine, but otherwise am doing well. Mary Jane is the one who is in need at this time. She received word from her doctor that she either has gall stones or has developed an ulcer. More tests will be required to see what is happening and what will need to happen. She has a 7:30 a.m. appointment for a sonogram in Muncie, Indiana on Monday and we are scheduled to leave for the Indianapolis airport to fly out at 2:30 p.m. on Monday. That’s cutting it pretty close. Obviously, we are concerned for her health first, but also for the timing of everything. If surgery or further treatment is required in the US then she will not be able to accompany me back to Kenya. Please keep her in your prayers in your worship services this weekend.

One reason that I need to get back to ANU on time is that I am taking two students back with us. Corey Buttry and Joe Ladesic will be going to ANU to study for a trimester and will be living with us. Both Corey (my nephew) and Joe are from Olivet Nazarene University and will expand their education by studying abroad for a few months – a practice I would highly recommend to help get a wider world view. The three of us can “bach” it if we need to, but I know they will be praying that Mary Jane will be able to return on time so they won’t have to eat my cooking.

I hope all of you closed out the old year with joy and have a good year coming on. For us, we go back to a world that changed drastically last year. Following the December 2007 elections, Kenya went through a great national struggle. Over 1000 people died and 350,000 were driven from their homes and into government tent cities. 60,000 are still there. The Church has been challenged to make a difference during these difficult times and I have heard with joy the stories of how our pastors and their congregations have been on the front lines of these conflict areas spreading the message of peace and transformation. As we look ahead to 2009 we are trusting that God will help us to continue to make a difference for His glory and the good of the nation.

Most of the copies of my book, Unraveling the Revelation have been sold, but I still have about forty copies left. I am leaving them in the states and they can be mailed to anyone else that would care for one. I am meeting with a different publisher when I get back to Kenya and will try to market it to the continent of Africa on a wider scale. So if you want a copy, just drop me a line with your mailing address and we will get a copy to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to bringing our choir to a church near you in 2009. Our choir schedule at this time is as follows
May 30 – Northeastern Indiana District NMI Convention
May 31 (am) – Anderson, Indiana Southdale Church of the Nazarene
May 31 (pm) – Northeastern Indiana District Campmeeting
June 2-3 – Georgia District NMI Convention
June 7 (am) Gallatin, Tennessee Church of the Nazarene
June 7 (pm) Louisville, Kentucky Farmdale Church of the Nazarene
June 9 New Albany, Indiana Christ Community Church of the Nazarene
June 10 – Hartford City, Indiana Church of the Nazarene
June 11 – Rockville, Indiana First Baptist Church
June 12 – Chicago Central District NMI Convention
June 14 (am) – Kansas City, Missouri First Church of the Nazarene
June 14 (pm) Olathe, Kansas College Church of the Nazarene
June 17 – Nashville, Tennessee Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene
June 21 (am) Leesburg, Florida First Church of the Nazarene
June 21 (pm) Fort Myers, Florida First Church of the Nazarene
June 23 – Clearwater, Florida First Church of the Nazarene
June 24-30 – Orlando, Florida Church of the Nazarene General Assembly

We are trying to line up transportation for this venture. I was wondering if there are any churches out there that would be willing to rent a 15 passenger van to us to use for a month. We need two of them. We can provide complete insurance coverage and a driver, but getting the vehicles is proving to be a challenge. Please let us know if you know of some one that can help.

We wish you all a wonderful new year! Thanks again for all your love, prayers, and support! We look forward to staying in touch and keeping you up to date on what God is doing at ANU. Be blessed and be a blessing!

Randy and Mary Jane James
Africa Nazarene University
Nairobi, Kenya


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Update from Indiana Update from Africa Nazarene University

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