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Mahali gani rafiki(How are you doing, friend)?


“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!’” (Isaiah 52:7)


I hope your days are going well.  We hear news from the Internet concerning all that is going on in the good old USA and though we miss family and friends, we are grateful to be spared all the election commercials.  I guess it’s a part of the American way, but political ads are really pretty scarce here – and we are thankful.



We are finally truly in the fall rainy season.  It is wonderful to see the dust washed from the plants and the grass and bushes beginning to turn green again.  It rains some now just about every day and boy does it ever bring out the bugs.  Giant termites fill the air and find ways into the houses through even the tiniest cracks.  Various other kinds of bugs also make their way in whenever the door is left open a crack and when they die the ants come out and have a feast.  Still, having the rain to soak up the ground is a good swap.  I don’t mind the bugs if they come with the showers.  The birds are also having a good feast on them anyway.


One of the other events that come with the rain is mud.  Maasai Lodge Road, the main avenue to the school is under construction right now and the bulldozers, dump trucks, and road graders really stir things up.  It will bring a much welcomed good road over the long haul, but in the meantime we are usually down to one lane of slippery packed dirt in the middle of the road bordered by mud lanes eight to ten inches deep on either side.  Inevitably our buses and van gets stuck and sometimes have to be pulled out.  The traffic is just as heavy as ever, but people walking have to navigate between the cars, trucks, vans, donkeys, cows, sheep, goats, bikes, motorcycles, and construction vehicles splashing mud and water all over them.  There are more walkers than drivers, but their numbers don’t keep them any cleaner.



We have also been visited lately with African wildlife.  Last week one of our students found a cobra trying to get into one of the apartments.  He chased it away, but kept a safe distance as it spread its hood and prepared for business.  I still haven’t seen a snake of any kind yet and that is just fine with me. I just hope that if one is around I will see it before it sees me.  Along with the cobra we also have had two lion sightings just outside the campus gates lately.  I don’t know what is bringing these critters out at this time, but maybe they just want their land back.  After all, they were here first.



The Cole Work and Witness team have visited us from Kansas, Georgia and Illinois for the past couple of weeks.  On Tuesday, however, Bill, Brenda, Marty, Marline, Marshall, Joyce, Cheryl, and Tyler climbed aboard an Ethiopian Air jet and headed back toward home.  They left behind a lot of good will along with goodies and gifts for folks on and off campus, and we are all very grateful.  So many teams like this one have made such a huge difference over the years and the campus would not have progressed nearly so much without the faithful support of folks from overseas.


This would be a good time for me to also say a big thank you to the thousands of Nazarenes who have faithfully supported the World Evangelism Fund over the years.  We will never know all your names, but God does.  Without you doing what you do to support us through your local church we would never be able to serve as your “deputies” (that’s the meaning behind deputation services) and representatives on foreign soil.  We know we have a great team of prayerful and faithful saints behind us and that gives us confidence to push ahead with the work that we do here.  Don’t ever feel you are not appreciated.  You are the ones who make mission work happen – even if you never leave your hometown.



The slate for the ANU’s choir is growing by the day.  We will not be traveling until the middle part of next year, but here is what we have confirmed at this point.


May 31 (am) – Anderson, Indiana-Southdale Church of the Nazarene

May 31 (pm) – Northeastern Indiana Campmeeting service

June 2 – Georgia District NMI Convention

June 7 – Gallatin, Tennessee Church of the Nazarene

June 10 – Hartford City, Indiana Church of the Nazarene

June 12 – Chicago Central District NMI Convention

June 17 – Nashville, Tennessee-Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene

June 21 (am) – Leesburg, Florida Church of the Nazarene

June 21 (pm) – Fort Myers, Florida-First Church of the Nazarene

June 24-30 – Various venues at the General Assembly in Orlando, Florida


We have other dates that are pending and we will post them as they become confirmed.  The 21 students making the trip have already been chosen and all are excited about the prospects of coming to America.  It will be the journey of a lifetime for them and I think it will be a pretty neat treat for the folks that host them as well.


Well, that’s about all for now.  I’d better get some work done.  Until next week…kwa herini (goodbye)!


Randy and Mary Jane James

Africa Nazarene University

Nairobi, Kenya


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Update from Africa Nazarene University Update from Africa Nazarene University

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