Update from Africa Nazarene University

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Habari asibuhi (Good morning)!


“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned” (Isaiah 9:2). 



The days have rolled by quickly since my last writing.  I guess that’s because our son, Rick, has been with us and we have been enjoying every moment of our time with him.  All too soon Monday will come and he will get on that plane that will fly him back to the states.  He has been such a blessing on our campus.  He has played guitar, sang, and preached every day in our holiness week services, held a concert for the student body, taught a worship leaders seminar, offered insights and resource tips to my preaching class, shared music at Central Church of the Nazarene in Nairobi, and has just made it a point to mix with the students.  Some have come to him for counsel, some for musical advice, and some just to play guitar with him.  We are going to miss him greatly when he leaves, but he is going to leave a hole that the entire student body will notice.  His music has been amazing and his messages just outstanding.  We have heard some students say that it is the most effective holiness week that they have ever experienced.  We give God the praise for such times of renewal.  It is exactly what we have been praying for.  Thanks for praying along with us for this endeavor.


By the way, Rick is always looking for new areas in which to minister, so if you think he would benefit your church, youth group, camp, or organization and would like to contact him, you can reach him at http://www.rickjamesmusic.net.  At that site you can check out his ministry and even play, purchase, and download some music samples.  I know I am a biased father, but I believe his ministry could be of help in a number of ways in local churches, schools, and various ministry groups in the States.


This Sunday we will be worshipping with the congregation at Woodley Church of the Nazarene in Kibera, the largest ghetto in East Africa.  Over 1,000,000 people live there even though there is no electricity, running water, or sanitary living conditions.  We will minister as best we can as we trust the Lord to help us to make even a small difference in people’s lives.



We are continually blessed here at ANU with Mission Corps visitors from the USA who volunteer their time to the university.  We have been enjoying Jonathan and Jessica Duranseau from Tennessee over the last couple of months, but now they have been joined by Jeremy and Kristen Chatelins from the state of Washington.  They will be here for a month and the Duranceau’s will be here until December 15th.  Both young couples are already a hit with the campus youth and are proving to be a real blessing to overall ministry here.  It is wonderful to see these people early in their married lives give themselves to the work of the Lord as volunteers.  If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer some time and see the world as you serve Christ, please contact our Mission Corps leaders at http://www.nazarenemissions.org.  You too, could make a powerful difference in many lives.



We have now completed the second week of this twelve-week trimester.  It’s amazing how fast the time is rolling by.  The campus is busy with various academic clubs as well as the restarting of volleyball, basketball (men and women’s) softball, soccer, rugby, and field hockey.  We are even in the early days of putting together a running club, which hopefully will lead to an intercollegiate cross-country team.  Kenya has some of the best runners in the world and we hope to get to train some of them here in the coming days. At the very least we are getting our students involved in physical activity, which another great part of the university life and educational process.



We are having an interesting time getting along with our classes these days.  I am teaching in a preaching lab and Mary Jane is teaching English and Study Skills again.  I get to work with students as they preach their first funeral sermons, wedding sermons, children’s sermons, and many other times.  I will instruct concerning, listen to, and evaluate eight different types of sermons from each student over the course of this trimester.  There’s nothing like hearing multiple funeral sermons back to back to get your day off to an exciting start. 


Mary Jane has more students this time than last trimester so she is going to have her hands full.  It does makes it a little easier when you teach the same subject matter again, however.  She has been doing battle with parasites again this week, but seems to be doing better at this time.  I guess it is a cross she is going to have to bear as long as she is here.  



It has been a really busy week and I know I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow.  Rick wants to visit the Maasai Market before he gets away, so I guess we are going shopping.  Those who know me know that is not exactly how I usually want to spend my leisure time, but to be with our son and show him the sights and sounds of Nairobi I guess I can make the sacrifice.  We will let a driver take us into town.  Saturday traffic in Nairobi (or finding parking downtown) is not for the weak of heart.



This is the day that my book is supposed to be released from the printer.  I hope to get a call telling me they are all finished, but I am cautiously optimistic since Kenya time is not always as reliable as what I live by.  In any case, when the books get to me I will start the process of getting them to those of you who have asked to purchase a copy.  If you need more specific details for Unraveling the Revelation, just drop me a line.


Once again, here is our tour schedule for the 2008-2009 ANU Scholarship Tour.  We begin it in just over two months.



December 4 – Leave Kenya for USA

December 7 (am) – Clearwater, Florida First Church of the Nazarene

December 7 (pm) – Clearwater, Florida Central Church of the Nazarene

December 8 – Visit with friends and supporters at Fort Myers, Florida Church of the Nazarene

December 10 – Archer, Florida Church of the Nazarene

December 14 (am) – Live Oak, Florida Church of the Nazarene

December 14 (pm) – Dublin, Georgia First Church of the Nazarene

December 15 – Wrightsville, Georgia Church of the Nazarene

December 16 – Albany, Georgia Grace Church of the Nazarene

December 17 – Gainesville, Georgia First Church of the Nazarene

December 21 – Middletown, Indiana Church of the Nazarene

December 21 – Dunkirk, Indiana Church of the Nazarene

December 28 (am) – New Albany, Indiana Christ Community Church of the Nazarene

December 28 (pm) – Mackey, Indiana Church of the Nazarene

January 4 (am) – Muncie, Indiana Southside Church of the Nazarene

January 4 (pm) – Anderson, Indiana Southdale Church of the Nazarene

January 5 – Leave for Nairobi, Kenya


We always look forward to your letters and notes, so feel free to drop us a line sometime.  Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Lord’s Day!  Until next week…kwa herini (goodbye)!



Randy and Mary Jane James

Africa Nazarene University

Nairobi, Kenya


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Update from Africa Nazarene University Update from Africa Nazarene Univesity

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